Monday, July 21, 2014

May Diplomacy Bring Hope!


In Deep Reflection, I must face no one but Myself.  I Breathe In Love Deeply Four Times.  As I Breathe, I Exhale Fear of the Other and Our Country's need for control.

All violent thoughts and actions, envy and greed or guns and wars said to bring Peace are based in Evil. 

I pray for All Lost in the mire of violence and war.  I pray for the Innocent.

I Breathe Deeply and Exhale Ten Times.

 May Diplomacy bring Hope.  No matter what goes on in the World, I have a responsibility to live with humility in Truth Inspired by Love.

Only then through the Creator's Blessings of Love am I able to see the Earth, the Sky, the Oceans, the Dolphins and Trees and Birds and Flowers and All Sentients as purposeful and interconnected in Love.

Only now as I Breathe Deeply In Love Ten Times,  in many intervals, do I feel Hopeful in a World where much of Humanity is struggling to restore itself though Love.  
May we learn to always embrace the path of Diplomacy with Compassion, Patience and Love.

I Breathe Deeply and Pray!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Truth Is Rarely Popular


People who scorn Integrity and Truth are often Not willing to become less selfish and change the way they live so that All Children of All Faiths on Earth/Heart will benefit.

Truth is rarely popular except when seen through the lens of the catastrophic.

I still myself in Gratitude. I ask to have the Courage and Fortitude to step into the New Day with Integrity and Truth as my constant companions.

I Breathe Deeply 8 times. I Breathe In Integrity and Truth.  I Breathe Out Love and Forgiveness.

Through Love, I have the Courage and Fortitude to live with Integrity and Truth so that Hope can exist; and All the Children of the Earth/Heart can be safe.

When we open our hearts to compassionate conversation, we will say No to bullies, guns and violence.

Then Our Children will learn and grow and live the dream of a vivid peace with a Love that prospers and can benefit All on Earth/Heart.

I Breathe In Integrity and Truth. I Breathe Out Love and Forgiveness.

We Are For World Change

We Are For World Change! Change the World.
We are the children of hope and the mirrors of Love.

We Are For World Change! Change the World.
Let’s Change the World!

I don’t know how to help--or what I could dream.
The problems are big. Do you know what I mean?

Global Warming and wars, with no food to share.
Earth equals Heart. Can we please learn to care?

We Are For World Change! Change the World.
We are the children of hope and the mirrors of Love.
We Are For World Change! Change the World.
Let’s Change the World!

Violence is never right. We’ve got to help make it end
Let’s open our hearts and learn to be friends.

We are the children of hope, and mirrors of love.

We represent the NEW DAY
And with the new day, we bring a new way……

We are asking our parents, our teachers
our artists, musicians and friends
our leaders, our scholars, and our diplomats
----the list never ends.

We Are For World Change! Change the World.
Food, Healthcare, Education and Housing for ALL.
Peace, Understanding, Compassion and Love.

We Are For World Change! Change the World.
Let’s Change the World!

We are the children of hope and the mirrors of Love.
We represent the NEW DAY
And with the new day, We Bring A New Way……

Peace, Sharing, Understanding, Compassion, and Love.
Let’s Change the WORLD!
We Are the Children of Hope and the Mirrors of Love.

(C) Rev. Melony McGant

Feel the Drum Beat!

Beloved Radiant Ones---

  I Breathe and Exhale Deeply Ten Times as I sit, hear and feel the vibration of prayers of Buddhists, Christians, Jews and Moslems. 
My heart opens Even More as I breathe and exhale again and again.  
Now I feel the Drum Beat calling All Indigenous People who honor Our Mother Earth in her Majesty and Her Waters that Sustain Us.   So many people have forgotten The Mother.  

I Breathe again with Appreciation and Understanding.  I Re-Member to Honor Mother Earth-Heart!  

Every time we choose patience or tolerance; every act of compassion or hope; every faithful word, and action offered with unselfish Love brings Joy to the Mother and Father  Creator of the Uni-Verse.  

Today as I walk to the Rhythm of the Drum, I will Breathe In Hope and Patience.  I will  Exhale Unselfish Love.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Live Your Words!


The obsession of money, and firearms is an illusion of the lost mind teetering in Fear.

Money is no more than an exchange for goods and services and a resource to help educate, build beautiful, Loving communities and help those in need.

Firearms are deadly in the conversation of True Peace and a World Beyond War.

Humility, Consideration, Cooperation and Compassion are the eternal weapons offered by Spirit to nurture, heal and prosper together with Dignity and Respect.

When your Children ask you how to make the World better, tell them we must Use Our Gifts to develop a true willingness to Nurture Our Earth-Heart and Share our technology and resources with Humility, Consideration, Cooperation and Compassion.

Tell Children to Care For and Love One Another.  Do Harm to None.

Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Love. Out Humility, Consideration, Cooperation and Compassion! 

Go Now--- And Live Your Words in Grace as Lovers and Peacemakers!

Offering Prayers of Compassion!

 Beloved Radiant Ones---

Take a moment and Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  Let Us Offer Prayers for Compassion, Healing, Mercy and Peace On Earth.

There are so many natural and man-made disasters and humanitarian challenges on Earth.  Droughts, Floods, Fires and Typhoons are brought forth by Nature because of our inability to nurture and care for Our Earth present many challenges.

Mothers, Father and their Children are attempting to flee the Countries of the
ir Ancestors which lack safety and are over-run with violence. They flee in search of Hope in lands with unwelcoming immigration policies.

Missiles and guns continue to destroy the Innocent as Families Worldwide Mourn the Human Loss and "Collateral Damage" created by Unnecessary Wars.

Evil Is Corrupting Many Hearts.  At the Root of Our Earth Crisis are Ego, Greed, Selfishness and a Desire for Control and Power.

Today As Our Hearts Cry With Sorrow, and We Mourn; Let Us Offer Loving Prayers for Courage, Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing, Mercy and A True Commitment To Work Together To Bring Peace On Earth!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Breathe LOVE!

Breathe LOVE!

Each day as the sun shines gently upon your face,
you awaken to the joyful chirping of birds,
and the soft wind blowing through the window
announcing the arrival of a brand new day.

Do you give honor to the Divine?

Do you too ask to learn to open your heart...

and to feel more connected to our Earth Family?

I do and I feel your hearts opening.
With appreciation, I thank each of you for your Love.

We have the opportunity to celebrate
with renewed vigor, our desire for Peace.

With our desire comes the opportunity
to continue the practice of visualizing our Heaven On Earth.

Let us look to our seniors,
and ask that they share their stories
of life’s mysteries of both the Hardship and JOY
of the 20th Century
for we must not relive or revisit a world war.
It is the 21st Century.

We must open our hearts,
and thoughts to World Peace.

Let us renew our honor and Love
for those who have spent their lives
working to see the Loving Chalice Of Life
as always more than half full.

Each moment that we breathe,
let us create more Love,
Love enough to restructure the air
so that every breath we take is of Love.

Let us look to our children
to re-learn hope and the bliss
of understanding the mystery of a flower,
a blade of grass, the ancient knowledge of a tree,
or a bird taking flight into the sky.

Let us become committed to assuring
that all children are nourished with food and clothing
and education and Love.

Because it is through their Love that we heal.
Our children can teach us how not to fear
and to let go of our anger.

Our children intuitively and instinctively
feel only Love and Divine Oneness.

We must create an environment which nurtures
these spirits we call children having a new human experience.

Let us under and overstand
that children come to this planet
with their hearts open, hoping to teach us
to remember to breathe Love
as they provide us with the tools
of sacred healing which passes from the Divine,
through each spiritchild, to us.

These children remind us to honor Earth
and all of its sentient beings.
Through them, more and more
we extend ourselves and permeate JOY
with all members of our Earth Family.

Through children and our seniors we are reminded
that by opening our hearts and learning to receive LOVE
just as we extend LOVE, we become the JOY.

As we become the JOY,
we rediscover that our separateness
is but an illusion
and we move closer to the Divine Spirit.

May Each Day Be Sweeter As We Remember To Breathe Love!