Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ego and Misery


When Ego did not trust the Creator's Love, he found himself lost in perpetual storms of wrong words, actions and  disappointment.  It seemed like for eons,  Ego forbade the Heart from experiencing joy and joined with Misery to create dis-order and hate throughout the World. 

Some humans enslaved others who looked differently.  They stole the precious resources and treasured legacies and fought religious wars to maintain control.  For a time it appeared that this was to become the sad destiny of Earth. 

 And the Great Mother Cried.  Her tears moved hearts of a few who then felt the undercurrent of the Creator's Love.  And the few Awakened from the horrible nightmare created by Ego and Misery.

They began to Breathe Deeply and see Beauty in the Stars, in the Moon and Sun. They began to marvel at the birds song, the lives of animals and fish, and the rhythm of the winds and oceans.  They learned the history of Earth-Heart  through the rocks and stones.  They discovered the oxygen of Love and studied the wisdom of trees.  Plant life offered food and healing. 

With Each Breathe they took in Love,  they grew braver, and many more re-membered the Great Mother and Awakened in Love.  YOU are one of the many born to honor the Creator and Rise in understanding and compassion through the Great Mother. 

 Breathe Deeply 10 Times.  Breathe In Truth.  Know there is only Love.  Exhale the Nightmare Created by Ego and Misery.  Now that you have Awakened,  allow Divine Grace to lead your Heart.  Listen to song of your Soul.  It is the Creator's Song of Love. 

Again, Ten Times Breathe In Love.  Exhale Love.  There is no turning back.  The only way to heal and live and prosper on Earth-Heart is to  Stay Awake and Trust Only Love!

Honoring Happiness


It is Spring. Happiness fills the Air. 
I Breathe Deeply Four Times.

I Breathe In Celebration of Re-birth.

I Exhale with Focus
and a commitment to Renewal. 

I Breathe and Breathe. 

I ask my mind, my body,
my heart and my spirit
to feel the oneness of each breath. 

Together We Give Thanks
to Our Blessed Creator.

Honoring the Happiness
In the Air;

We  Breathe Deeply
and Become One In Love! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Walk In Truth Anyway

People may ignore you because of where you come from, your social status or your race. Even your birth family may choose to close their hearts to you when you have been baptized in Love.  Walk In Truth Anyway. 

Truth is the only way to live as a Being of Love.  Knowing, speaking and being the Truth is how we live Our Purpose.  Everyone has a purpose and a contribution to make on this planet.  It is something that only You can do, or say or write in the fabric of time. 

Even when it seems like all the familiar doors have closed,  please don't give up. Walk in Truth Anyway!  Your destiny lies beyond the jealous or petty.  Your Destiny Resides In the Heart of Love.

Offering Prayers of Love


 Let us Breathe Deeply Four Times and offer Prayers of Love.  In Love. Out Love.  In Love.  Out Love.

May the doors of hope swing open with Grace and allow us nurturing hearts of peace. 

May we Awaken and accept Love.

May we offer Love to ourselves, our neighbors and our Earth. 

May we have the Faith to act as lights of Love as we move through every tunnel of disappointment, despair or darkness. 

May we allow ourselves the gift of healing and move forward in Gratitude as Loving Vessels of the Creator. 

Throughout our day, let us remember to offer Prayers of Love.     

Breathe Deeply.  In Love. Out Love.  In Love.  Out Love.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nurture the Dream!

Brilliant Loving Spirits---

In today's society, even those we Love, we judge!  We want them to dress, walk, and talk in a way that makes us feel superior.

We have been conditioned to manipulate others, to fight and to use words that harm even when we talk of peace.

 Good Communication requires a willingness to stop and listen.

Take a moment to clear the pathway of your heart.  Breathe Deeply.  Open your heart. Listen beyond judgment.  Breathe In Gratitude for every conversation of Hope.

Please Re-member, Our True Purpose is to use our gifts to inspire, support and empower others so that we all blossom in Love.

Today Water Your Garden of Hope.  Together Let Us Nurture the Dream of an Equitable Loving Peace.

I Am the Frog


I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad.  I Breathe deeply 10 Times.  As I prepare for my new journey, I ask myself, "What Will I Do?"  I still my mind, open my heart and wait for the Answer...

I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad.  I decide that each day I will organize the details of my life so that my mind, body and heart are in alignment.  With Courage, Fortitude and Patience, I will work vigorously to exceed my own expectations. 

Because Balance is necessary,  I will do at least two things I enjoy everyday; and share joyously. 

I promise myself that when Divine Spirit speaks in My Heart or through Others, I will listen with compassion so that I may know; and act with gentle understanding.

I Am the Frog resting on the Lilypad.   I Breathe Deeply many times as I prepare for my new journey.  Though my exact destination is unknown, I Trust that as I am ready, All Will Be Revealed through Love!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Offering Many Genuine Thank Yous!


In Our World of Confusion, so many who work for good are seldom  acknowledged.  Please know that your efforts are seen, felt and appreciated. 

Thank you for your words and actions of kindness that fill me and others with Hope.  

Thank You for having the Courage to listen deeply with Care, and to offer Compassion.  

You inspire me to walk with Confidence in our Collective Ability to expand our hearts and be vessels through which the Grace of Love can move.  

With Humility, I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Love.  Out Compassion and Hope.

I move forward into this Day by Offering Many Genuine Thank Yous!  Wherever You Are, for the Good You Do-- Thank You!