Saturday, October 25, 2014

Harmonics As A Gift of Love

Inspired by the teachings of Elizabeth A.Hin

My Beloveds,

First there is a gentle touch, then an embrace,
next a re-membering, and another, and another,
and another re-membering
until we fully awaken into compassion,
humility, hope, joy, patience,
and understanding,
embraced by Divine Grace & Love.

This is the dance, the song,
and the gift of love that each being has to share.

Perhaps then, for each of us, the true miracle lies in our willingness
to allow, appreciate, and honor the uniqueness, and freedom
of each sentient being to sing the song of their heart.
And these songs, so glorious, simple, and profound
create a new Harmonic Rhythm of Divine Grace
which gives us a pathway HOME.

Home is Heaven On Mother Earth.

Home allows us the gift of respecting the gardens of others,
admiring ALL soul vibrations; and creating our own melodies
which complement all others including
the pitter-patter of raindrops falling,
the whistling leaves as the wind flows through,
the bubbling brooks, birds singing
dolphins, whales and sea lions calling
dogs barking; cats, cheetahs, and cougars mewling; wolves howling
bears, camels, giraffes and horses chuffing, huffing and neighing.
frogs croaking, fish swishing.

Every sentient being has a sound
that contributes to the Harmonics of Love into Infinity.

Silence too is a sound.

The beats of the Sun, the Moon and the Ocean
create the symphonic movements of Time.

The wind speaks through a gentle breeze that calms and soothes,
as well as through tornadoes, and hurricanes that join with rain
to announce Mother Earth’s hurt and anger at our disregard for our Oneness.

Is it possible that we desire to journey into the pathway of the Uni-Verse?

When will we collectively awaken into attention
with a willingness to heal, to dance, to sing,
to receive, and give the gift of LOVE?

My Beloveds, the Conductor is waiting, the time to join
the Uni-Versal Orchestra is NOW.

Joyfully written by Miss Mellie Rainbow
aka Melony McGant on 2 October 2007

Eternal Harvest


The Seeds of Peace
have been planted with reason.
I await your return
season after season.
I send you
offers of contemplation
and multi-colored leaves falling.
Will you walk with patience and joy
with me on a snowy day?
Can you smell
the newness of spring
as you open your heart
to begin again?
Do you hear
my whispers of compassion
in the wind?
I Will Love You Always.
Will you allow me
to embrace you
with my tears of forgiveness through the rain,
my warmth through the sun
and my joy through the glistening stars?
Have you yet noticed
my infinite compassion and understanding
as the ocean tide
converses with the full moon?

The Seeds of Peace
have been planted with reason.

 With Hope, 
I await Your Return
Season after Season...

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Re-Birth and Renewal


With Humility, I take a moment to still myself.
 I Breathe Six Times and feel
 the Love of the Uni-Verse embrace me
  and offer the Grace of Renewal.

 Deeply I Exhale with each breath
 and let go of every thought that is not Love.

 I Breathe and offer Gratitude.
  I open my heart and feel the lessons
 of the dove, the dolphin, the butterfly
 and the phoenix.

 It is like I am walking on water
  into the clouds of heaven.

 I am reminded that Wisdom
 offers Patience and Fluidity.

 Love's beginnings are beyond time
  and serve as an infinite Ocean of Grace
  that teaches Compassion.

  Love is meant to flow and has ending.

  I Breathe and Exhale Deeply.
 Only Through Love am I offered
 Re-Birth and Renewal.

 I Breathe with Gratitude! 

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Genius and Compassion


When Genius and Compassion came to live among us, they did not ask to be billionaires; for they knew that greed and love of money was destroying the Earth.

Genius and Compassion asked for a willingness to see the beauty in the Forgotten Familiar.

In every sunrise and sunset; in every fruit, flower and tree; in every birth, death and re-birth; through every storm or violent unnecessary war, Hope has become the Forgotten Familiar that makes it possible to Live and Honor the Power of Abiding Love.

Remembering that Genius and Compassion live within me, I Breathe Deeply Six Times. I open my heart and see the beauty in the Forgotten Familiar.

Hope lives in trees and flowers and mountains and oceans. Hope grows with trust and in every child offers its smiles of Love.
To even the unworthy among us,
Hope, the Forgotten Familiar is the Master Creator's constant offering of Forgiveness so that we may learn to live, work and prosper together in peace with Abiding Love!

Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Abiding Love!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turning 60--My New B’Earth Year Reflection!


I Breathe Ten Times In Gratitude and Love. In this Lifetime, I came to Earth section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at 4:28am on October 22nd in the year of 1954. Though I come from Eternity and will return to Eternity, in Earth time, I am 60 years old.

Today I Thank the Creator for the opportunity to learn, grow and serve. I dedicate this day to My Precious Mother who birthed me, guided me, nurtured and Loves me. I invite you in joining me in celebrating My Mom, Betty J. Tilman.

Here are the feelings and words of my Heart for My Mother. Maybe you will share your memories with your Mother!

Dear Mom--I feel so privileged to have you as a Mother and to have journeyed with you in this lifetime. Looking back on this almost 60 years on Earth/Heart, my life has been one of learning, adventure and more Joy than I thought imaginable.

From the Dr. Seuss days of “Green Eggs and Ham” and the rhyming poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar, to my rebellious teenage years where I sought solace in everything "Black" from Ebony and Jet Magazine, to the poetry of Langston Hughes, Sojourner Truth and Gwendolyn Brooks, as well as the writing and film making of Gordon Parks, the music of Roberta Flack, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ashford and Simpson and so many and much more--- to my rocky mistakes and disillusionment of young adulthood-You Exposed Me to the Best!

Sometimes I was fearful. You pushed and pushed and told me that I had a right to walk any path I choose in the World. So often I felt that I was not good enough and unworthy of these great gifts. People whispered behind your back and made fun of me when I articulated with my extensive vocabulary. They said I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.
Looking back, it was funny how some of the relatives and community associates or so called friends looked for ways to undermine your authority and convince me to go right when I should have gone left. What I thought I wanted was to be "normal". I didn't understand that being different and unique was a Great Gift.

Though I tried to run away from all you had taught me, it was so imprinted in my mind and my heart and my Soul that the further I ran, the closer I came to it.
In 1970 you sent me to West Africa by way of Europe for a few months. Today travel is like eating chocolate. I Love it! Travel has helped me become a person who respects land learns from people of all different cultures and religions. I honor all faith traditions and continue to explore the Divine Essence of MotherFatherG-D through Love.

I look at myself now and know that I am a product of Your Magnificent Efforts! Thank You for All You have done for me. Your goodness inspires me. Your toughness helped me learn how to survive in a World that would say "Who do you think You Are??", Instead of "How Can I Help??".

Thank You for teaching me to say "YES I Can" from the time I was a child--- long before the campaign days of President Barack Obama.

Thank You for the square dancing and swimming at the YWCA, dance and drama at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, camp in Maine at Blueberry Cove and studying musical instruments like the violin and recorder. I never did master either but at least I love music!

Thank You introducing me to Khalil Gibran, Shirley Chisholm, Harry Belafonte, Maya Angelou, Bucci Emmecha, Jomo Kenyatta, members of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcom X, Nelson Mandela and so many Heroines and Heroes who have walked this Earth, un-named here, but never forgotten.

Thank You for teaching me to walk with integrity, to use my voice for positive change, and to Love and support others on their life journeys.

Betty J. TIlman, I feel so privileged to have you as a Mother and to have journeyed with you in this lifetime. Looking back on this almost 60 years on Earth/Heart, my life has been one of learning, adventure and more Joy than I thought imaginable.
I Am Humbled with Love, Grateful and Happy to Be Your Daughter! Melony

Monday, October 20, 2014

Believe and Achieve


I realize that the one sure thing that can stop me from achieving my next good step is NOT some external force that won't allow me to cross the path or open a new door, It is ME.

Today I Breathe Deeply and give thanks for the miracle of my life, and all sentient beings.  I Breathe and offer gratitude for dreams fulfilled.

With Courage, I resolve to listen to the voice of Love calling me to walk with compassion, persistence and humility. I must continue to be more patience with myself and others.

I Breathe Deeply with New Resolve. I will set new goals, and have more discipline as I grow.

I Believe that I have the capacity to achieve, and am worthy to live and honor the Grace of The Master Creator with Faith, Hope and JOY.
I Breathe Deeply. It is time for New Dreams!

  Will Believe and Achieve!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Honor the Heroines and Heroes on Earth Today and All Who Came in Love and Ascended in Love.


Breathe and Exhale Love Four Times. Honor  the Heroines and Heroes on Earth Today and All who came in Love and Ascended in Love.

Honor Your Mother, the Earth/Hearth and let your hearts become nurturing gardens of Peace. Do this for the future of all children, and Loving sentient beings.

Let there be no more senseless killing or talk of petty wars. There is no need for destruction. Put down your weapons, tend the soil and build bridges of tolerance, understanding and compassion.

Open your hearts and embrace humility.  Honor your parents and your children.  Love your neighbors.

Sing with birds in the rain.  Dance in the Sun with butterflies. Swim in the ocean with the dolphins. Sit under a wisdom tree and share your hope with your children.  Live Joyfully in Peace!
These are the Words from the Heart of Our Blessed Mother Father Creator! Please Honor and Live with Love!

Again Breathe and Exhale Love Four Times.  Honor the Heroines and Heroes on Earth/Heart Today and All Who Came in Love and Ascended in Love.

Remember Peace is Possible through Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Love!