Thursday, August 28, 2014

When Will Freedom Come: Remembering the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers As Dreamers

There is perhaps no greater gift to society than the Dreamer.
For it is the Dreamer who believes
that Good Change is possible.

It is the Dreamer that looks upon a society's inequities
and desires a better life for themselves, their families,
their neighbors and their Nation.
It is the Dreamer who having awakened to the Truth
that ALL people are created Equal
asks How Will Freedom Come?

On August 28th in 1963, A. Phillip Randolph,
Bayard Rustin, Mahalia Jackson, John Lewis, Peter,
Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Julian Bond, Odetta,
Jackie Robinson, James Baldwin, Marlon Brando,
Joan Baez, Paul Newman, Harry Belafonte,
Eleanor Holmes Norton, Andrew Young, Marian Anderson,
Sammy Davis Jr., Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Malcolm X,
Diahann Carroll, Burt Lancaster, Dr. Benjamin Mays,
Roy Wilkins, Dorothy Height, Whitney Young,
and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were all in attendance
with 250 thousand Dreamers from across America
who gathered in Our Nation's Capitol
to rally for jobs, the right to vote,
desegregation and equality.

Some of these Dreamers had been working
in their communities, cities and states
for many generations to bring about Good Change.

They knew that just attending the March on Washington
was an act of rebellion
but more importantly,
it was an Act of Faith that could bring Change
and Hope for their Children.

They were people of all nationalities,
religious beliefs and colors.
They were clergy, union members, mechanics,
postal workers, railroad workers, pullman porters,
butlers, maids, police officers, doctors
nurses, educators, college students
and people from every occupation imaginable.

There were grandparents and mothers
and fathers who brought their children.
All believed that this country
could only live its greatness when Equality
and Equal Opportunity became the Law of the Land.

It was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who spoke
and articulated the Dream that had been swelling
in the hearts of many for generations and generations.

We know these 250,000 Dreamers as the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers.
Though we may not know their names,
today Fifty Years later, we honor the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers
their lives, their hopes and their Dreams.

And Fifty Years later, the message of equality, equity,
education, fair employment, Hope and Love
continues to deserve our attention;
for the work of the Dreamers and Civil Rights Foot Soldiers
is Far From Complete.

Freedom will come only when we
are willing to put down our guns,
open our hearts and listen deeply to Truth.

Freedom will come only when we
Rise Up Together
and decide to fix the broken
Political, Economic, Educational
and Social Systems of Inequity.

But Freedom Will Come!

As we remember The Civil Foot Rights Foot Soldiers,
in Our Hearts, we must continue to walk
across the Nation with Hope and Strong Resolve.
Then we will hear and sing the songs that mourn the loss
of Every Child of Violence and War and Racism and Poverty.
We will call for Peace and sing of Love.

Freedom will come when we truly
Desire Equity, Education
and Prosperity For ALL.

Freedom will come when we willingly
sit at the table together in Gratitude
and share our dreams, our food, our homes,
our education and our wealth.

Freedom will come only when we
once again notice
that Trees bend in reverence
as Spring, Summer and Autumn Leaves
dance joyfully and teach Our Children
that All Humans deserve to be cared for and Loved!

Freedom will come as we Re-Member
that for All Our Children we must
offer Hope for their Dreams
and be willing to share Our Love.

Breathe Deeply
In Hope. Out Love.
Again Breathe.
In Hope. Out Love.

How will you honor the Dreamer Civil Rights Foot Soldiers?
Do you remember the Dream?
What will you do today and tomorrow?
How will Freedom come with Love
and decide to Live in Our Hearts
and Our Nation?

First Breathe. In Hope. Out Love!
We must once again commit to gather
in our communities, cities and states.

Remembering that ALL Are Created Equally,
let us sit at the table together in Gratitude
and share our Dreams, our food, our homes,
our education and our wealth.

It is then for the Dreamer, that Freedom Will Come!

(c) Rev. Melony McGant, 2013
Written Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The March On Washington

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You are a Hierophant, a Bringer of Light!


 Breathe Deeply Five Times.
Inhale Humility and Joy.
Exhale the Grace of Love.

You are a Hierophant, a Bringer of Light!

As Hierophants we are all teachers, and students. ...

Living, learning, sharing, and loving.
This is our path, a return to LOVE.

Again, Breathe Deeply Five Times.
Inhale Humility and Joy.
Exhale the Grace of Love.


People would have us believe that
we should not focus on the heart.
The truth is we can NOT develop
and travel into the new realms
purely in our minds.

The heart always has the right answers.
And Truth is all there is.
For In Truth we experience Divine LOVE.


Right now let us feel Joy's embrace
as particles of LOVE run through
the very cells of our body!

You Are a Hierophant, a Bringer of Light!

Inhale Humility and Joy.
Exhale the Grace of Love.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Your Ever Vigilant Heart!


I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  Today I cannot find that space of empty in my mind.  Instead, I embrace every thought. 

I Breathe....For Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Dr. Sheik Umar Khan who saved countless lives but died of Ebola in Sierra Leone, and All those who have lost their lives due to violence and unnecessary wars or illness and suffering, I Offer Prayers of Love and Healing for their Families and Communities.

I Breathe... In my heart are awakening cries of anger, despair and disappointment mixed with Compassion, Hope, Mercy and Love.  These are the emotions vibrating throughout the World. 

Humanity is Awakening but our addiction to fear, greed and hate has taken center stage.  We must remember that Hate Breeds Hate. Hate is never a Cure. No matter how difficult or how long it may take---Only Forgiveness, Love, Respect and Understanding with Compassion and Mercy Offer Us Any Opportunity to Live Together In Peace with Equity.

Across the United States and the World, We Are Moving In Violent Directions and Causing Despair to Many. The  Schisms of Class, Fear, Greed, Power, Race, and Religion are at the Forefront of the Regional and Global Conversations. I Remember that violence and war only break hearts and create More Cycles of Violence and War.

Again,  I Breathe Deeply Ten Times.  In Patience, Forgiveness and Love.  Out Patience, Forgiveness and Love. In Patience, Forgiveness and Love.  Out Patience, Forgiveness and Love.

It will take Many Strong Voices and Vigilant Hearts to Choose to Empower Our World through Good Actions of Kindness and Love.   It is Our Responsibility to Keep Raising Our Voices In Love!

Thank YOU for Your Ever Vigilant Heart!

Honoring Life's Details


 What a Beautiful Day to be Alive!

I still myself, open my heart and Breathe and Exhale Four Times.

They say that success comes from the ability to honor the details of our lives.

I Breathe Deeply in Gratitude Four Times. With Each Breath, I Breathe Out Joy and Gratitude. 

I pay attention with care to myself and honor every detail of my life. This frees me to offer more care and concern to others.

As I step forward into the Beautiful New Day, I Breathe Deeply and offer my Gratitude and JOY for Honoring Life's Details and making room for the Privilege of Service!

I Am Like the Bamboo


I sit in gratitude and marvel at the details of Creation.  What makes a Bamboo shoot grow in water and in soil?  How is it that its roots are flexible while the shoot is firm and learns to bend and wind?  

I Breathe Deeply Six Times.  In Flexibility and Care.  Out Patience and Compassion. 

I am like the Bamboo.  Our roots of Love can grow in many places.  We embrace life's difficulties and joy with compassion.  We sprout new leaves that blossom in beauty and grow with patience.

I Breathe Deeply Six Times. In Flexibility and Care.  Out Patience and Compassion. 

Today,  I am like the Bamboo.  Flexibility, patience and compassion are the roots of Love that can grow in my heart so they can be shared and blossom in many places. I Am Like the Bamboo!   

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Prayer of Love Affirmation


First Breath Deeply Six times.
In Love.  Out Love.

Please Join me in a Prayer of Love Affirmation...

I am a Lighted Being,
Created and Inspired by
Our Blessed Divine Creator
to Reflect Love,
Share Love and Be Love.

 All that I dream and hope for
comes through the Divine Flow
of Love.

My thoughts and feelings are Love.

 The Air I Breathe is Love.

 YOU Are Love.
 I Am Love.
 WE Are Love.

 Today, All the Good that I Do
Is Nurtured and Inspired By Love.

 And So It Is With Love!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Giving Up Control

Beyond knowledge is the hope that my Faith is strong enough to face the feared and unknown. 
"How will I walk?",  I ask myself.  I clear my mind, sit in the quiet and Breathe Deeply Ten Times. 
The answer comes from the whispers of my heart.  "First you must have the strength and courage to Trust.
Then as Truth is revealed, you must face your fears and offer Kindness even to the one you perceive as your enemy.  When you are able to transform your hate into Love with forgiveness, then you will grow in understanding. 
Every change or answer you seek can be found in your ability to give up control and walk the path of the unknowing.
 It is always through the  Journey of Faith that we come to know Everlasting LOVE!" 
As I step into this Beautiful Day, I Breathe Deeply. 
Knowing that within me is  the courage and strength to walk the path of unknowing; I Choose to walk with Faith and to Trust that the Uni-Verse Will Guide Me In Right Actions of Love!